How to upload your vehicle Calibration info with a 'Blank' Injected Tuning Device

The following instructions are for uploading your vehicles information from a "Blank" device so you can receive your tuning files. 
Before you get started download and install the Tuner Update Application software onto your PC.
If you have not done this, please follow this LINK 1st, then return to finish. 
1. turn key to the "run" position

2. plug the device into the OBD port

3. Ok.. during this time its going to check for DTC codes CLEAR THEM by pressing "N".....DO NOT VIEW THEM

4. Now the device will ask you to go into programming mode... select "Y"

5. At this time the device will attempt to load a file onto the car and fail.. this is normal

6. wait for the device to give you an error code... this code should be 59

7. press "Y"....... the device will tell you to Contact Tech Support

8. unplug the device and turn the key off

9. connect the device to your computer

10. open the Updater Application

11. click the "Update Tuner" button

12. at this time the information will be extracted from the device and uploaded to the server

13. the updater application will let you know when the process it complete and when you can safely disconnect the device from the computer.

14. email with your Name and Injected device SN.
15. Please allow up to 48hrs for a response.