Borla Cat Back Exhaust (2015 Challenger)

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2015 Challenger R/T (5.7L)

Touring:  The streamlined oval shape of our Touring muffler allows the addition of more capacity within the muffler which results in a ride that is quieter than other BORLA models.  A single core, high-flow design adds power and driving excitement with a sound that is deep and throaty but just slightly louder than stock at open throttle.

S-Type:  Just the right blend of packing filament, straight-through core dimensions, core perforation patter, and cylindrical shape to deliver the intoxicating BORLA "Sound of Power" with every squeeze of the throttle.

ATAK:  BORLA's exclusing ATAK technology is based on specifically-tuned attributes of the interal muffler cores, which are calibrated on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis to deliver the most desirable sound.

  • 2.5" Diameter Tubing
  • Duel Rectangle Angle Cut Tips
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Million Mile Warranty